He’s is my first love


yeah, he is my first love. I think he is every girl’s first love.


it’s DAD.

i really can’t explain how much i love him. i think i started loving him more since our mom left us. it’s really hard to see what he is going through by himself within these past 5 years and years to come. i know have done lot of bad things which made you angry worried. i am real sorry being a naughty girl and not being an example to my sisters.

But DAD you don’t know how much i cried because i can’t do anything to help you. i know how much and what you are going through with all the burden carrying in your shoulders. i know that you are crying by yourself. i really need to help you but don’t know from where to start.

i didn’t know life is going to be this hard. i have never ever thought of. but i can still remember once you said to us showing one of our friends’ vehicle. you said” someday we might be having the same situation” i now know what you meant that. i didn’t know at that time how much money can turn a person’s life from positive to negative.

I love you so much DAD and there will be no one to beat it. ( even my future husband and hope that he will understand). it’s one of my wish to take all the burden you are carrying now make you free. I am going to make it as soon as I can and let you enjoy your life freely. I know that you want to travel around the world and i know how much you love travelling.


Being your daughter is once of the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. Love SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much DADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!